Monday, December 18, 2006

"What up, big girl?"

Four words a woman never likes to hear.
Have you gained weight?

Oh god, yes. A little. 10 lbs since last Christmas and some extra padding on top of that -- too afraid to look at the scale. Why have I gained some weight? Because I no longer live in a 4th floor walk up and have been drinking/eating more than exercising and all the jolly holidayishness of December hasn't helped.

Remember the ass crisis? I do. Something must be done. SOMETHING!!!!! No one will fancy me at all in 2007 if I don't strike hard and fast.

But not until after Christmas. There's still some cookies I haven't sampled yet.


Anonymous said...

hey i think you have an awesome blog..ive just been reading it like hell. i kind of feel the same way about the whole ass issue, i just joined the ymca so i can run it off perhaps.
i have a random question to throw in too..i
*just* moved here, and i know no one, and i was wondering how you found a good dr that speaks good english and doesnt suck...

nycrouge said...

Well thanks! As for finding a doctor, what always works is asking friends and coworkers for recommendations -- especially the later since you know that they will be in your insurance plan.