Wednesday, December 13, 2006

". . . the woman behind the beauty."

Bernie Mac wrote me back. Mind you the email correspondence ratio is currently 3:1 in her favor, slipping her into that gray area that exists between interest and stalker:

Good morning Rouge. I hope you have a good work day. Its raining out. WOOHOO! I love the rain. I think I am always the only person who doesnt run for cover. If anything I start to dance and shimmy my ass off. I get looks from people probally because I cant really dance but I dont care. I love the rain. So can you tell me about yourself? Nothing you find too personal. You know general things so I can have a better idea of the woman behind the beauty.


dorothy snarker said...

Oh dear. My inner grammar/spelling/syntax snob is starting to fidget. As is my, “How do I politely brush this person off?” alarm. It’s a fine and uneasy line between flattery and stalkery (yes, I realize I just made that word up…sometimes my inner snob gets cranky).

EnnuiHerself said...

Perhaps in her next stalker-ish email, she will mention why she hasn't grasped basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Do you see what happens when you're social?? You meet weird people like this. Just stay home with your kittens.

Heather said...

Yeah, this chick is weird. I thought that first email she sent you was over-the-top hokey. Why is it that photographers always have to go on and on about how they're photographers? Sheesh.

But this email proves she's a little off, she's trying to be too witty and funny.

bad apologies said...

Who IS this dismal crew you have surrounded yourself with!? While trying not to be hypocritical--and because I don't actually know any of you well enough to be so judgmental myself--come ON. If Rouge liked this chick, these little notes would drive her to pure smittenry. [I also dabble in word creation.]

Can we not be just a little laissez faire about the world and at least shoot for pity rather than scorn?

nycrouge said...

< inserts the requisite pity >