Monday, October 09, 2006

"This isn't a date, is it?"

Before heading to DC, I made plans to meetup with Mysterious Blog Reader for a long over due beer. You may remember her as one of the responders to my dating manifesto posted back in July. Her and I were supposed to meet back in mid August -- incidentally the same day as my first job interview -- but plans fell through. Fastforward to October when we finally found time in our busy schedules to catch a beer.

However there was a small wrench to this plan. Having casually mentioned to Holly that I was getting a beer with a friend after work, she wanted to come along. Normally not a problem, but in this case the friend is a blog reader. Holly doesn't know I have a blog. Oy vey.

I could have concocted an elaborate lie as to why Holly couldn't come along (or I could have just kept my mouth shut), but instead I placed a semi-frantic phone call to MBR and some ground rules were placed:

1. Don't call Holly Holly! You think I use real names on this blog??
2. Don't mention the BLOG!
3. If she asks how we met, tell her that we met online. I have a habit of meeting strangers off the internet so this won't seem so strange.

So much subterfuge. And yes I feel guilty for it and the indirect lying. Thankfully MBR did a good job of sticking to rules one through three. It was great to finally meet her and maybe I can make Holly a little jealous as MBR is very cute.


Dorothy Snarker said...

So, will Mysterious Blog Reader now get an official, unofficial name? Or do we keep on keeping on with the acronyms? Since MBR presumably reads the blog (otherwise her nickname would just be silly), maybe she could pick it herself.

ada said...

Now here's a slice of intrigue like I was hoping to see in J-Wo's accounting of the big reunion. Since I didn't get my wish on that front, I must thank you for providing a bit of drama.

Oh, and I don't think you should feel like a non-entity to your former classmates who you haven't seen since high school, since I highly doubt you spend any of your time thinking of them, either. Who'd have time between OFTL, OFAG, and this new acronym-less stage?!?

Anonymous said...

So little actual INFORMATION about MBR (sister of PBR?)!

nycrouge said...

Actually I asked MBR if she wanted a new name and she said she liked being referred to in code. So I guess it's MBR for good.