Monday, October 23, 2006

"Ready for rock and roll time music, okay?"

My cat has a new talent in addition to the auto fellatio -- pissing on my bed. Yes. I shall be killing him soon.

So off I went to the laundromat yesterday to wash my regular duvet. I thought that my other duvet -- the big feather one -- was spared, but unfortunately I discovered a damp spot on it this morning. I'm hoping that it's leftover from yesterday's pee fest (he also pissed in my friend Katharine's suitcase ensuring that she will never ever visit me again). I have no idea what has prompted this behavior, but as I write this I am terrified that he is currently pissing all over everything.

Maybe he knows that he's going to the vet tomorrow and again on Thursday to get fixed.

* * *

Over the last couple of weeks I've been thinking, "This lesbian thing is HARD." And while I've pondered what it would be like to be straight -- my burning lust for Daniel Craig aside -- I am frequently reminded that I really like tits. I was especially reminded of this as I watched the Suicide Girls on stage at Southpaw on Saturday. In case you don't know who the Suicide Girls are, they are the ladies of an altp*rn site who performed a burlesqe review, nipples conveniently hidden by an x of black electrical tape.

So yeah, tits are AWESOME! Yay for being a lesbian!! Too bad this lesbian thing is HARD. Not only am I single, but I am crazy cat lady who's bed smells of cat piss.



La said...

Thsi would be the previously mentioned "spraying" ick! Josie is getting fixed on Friday this week. They can be "I lack the proper equipment" buddies. :)

tec said...

The spraying will likely stop when you get him fixed.

I'm with you on the difficulty of being a lesbian thing. It's hard to meet women. It's harder to meet women that aren't crazy. Then once you find one, there's the whole dual-PMS thing. Nobody warned me about that one when I switched teams. ;)

Dan said...

If you like the Suicide Girls, you'll LOVE Gurlesque (! Keep an eye out as I know they do tour on occasion but if you're ever in Sydney, make sure you check them out. Though their local shows are WAY more out there then their OS ones.