Friday, October 20, 2006

"Not Found."

Back in April, I did my good friend J-Wo a favor -- I kissed her. See, J-Wo has this list of howmanyever things to do before she dies and getting some hot lady lip action is one of them. What's a good friend to do? I gladly did the deed and one of friends (Mr. Bad Apologies?) took a photo, which would later get linked to J-Wo's blog.

The photo is rather tame by some standards, so I am curious as to why so many random people keep coming to my blog after clicking the photo link off Google. People all over the WORLD can't wait to get their jollies from seeing J-Wo and I kiss. And when I mean all over the world, I mean Saudi Arabia, New Hampshire, and Kuwait. For some reason my stats have had a huge increase of traffic from this link and this entry is probably only going to serve to add more traffic.

So if you're a guy looking for some hot lady on lady action, I do hope J-Wo and I satisfy. But seriously. There are much better photos on the net than two drunk girls (one of whom is straight) kissing at 2 am in the basement of a DC bar.

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tec said...

Boys clearly don't care if the girls making out are straight - just look at the success of "Girls Gone Wild" and countless pornos featuring "lesbians" with three inch fingernails and fake boobs. *Insert exaggerated eye-roll here*