Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"[Rouge] has been given extensive creative control."

Dear woman living in the building across the street from my office,

I can see you naked. That frosted glass the builder installed in your bathroom? Not frosted enough. Even with the steam I can see you showering and your breasts are not too dissimilar from mine and you have some minor lovehandles -- that's how much I can see. I can even see that you're wearing a shower cap or something to hold your hair up. Yeah, you might want to get a curtain. Yeah.

Don't worry, this lesbian is not titillated, merely . . . I don't know . . . fascinated? But I thought you should know. I can totally see you naked.

* * *

So apart from watching women shower from the comfort of my office, I'm loving my job. In fact I got an email yesterday that mentioned, "[Rouge] has been given extensive creative control." These are words that I live to hear.


SavvySunshine said...

Oh, that is rich! I love that. We have some neighbors who need curtain, but no lovely breasts to look at...


Dorothy Snarker said...

Snicker... This reminds me of my college days where the window to my dorm's first-floor men's shower was "not frosted enough." I realized this while walking past on the way to class one day. Yeah. Not cool. I may still be emotionally scarred.

Anonymous said...

I live across a VERY narrow alley from a condo building. As I am on the third floor, I get a good view of floors 2, 3, and 4... their bedrooms being directly across from mine. I spend hours watching. I think I should take a picture one day and describe how much I have learned from them.

Suffice to say, "naked guy" moved out from directly across--he danced innapropriately naked across from my for my attention, and we were forced to close the blinds. But there is a subtle naked guy below him, who does everything naked and can be seen through a crack in his curtains sometimes... then last week I saw his female friend doing naked things as well!

4th floor girl never does anything I can see, but at least she got rid of that hideous burnt orange she painted her bedroom, and replaced it with a nice sea foam. Yes, Signe, I said Sea Foam.