Monday, October 16, 2006


My apologies for not updating this blog. I've been busy and a little depressed, disillusioned, dejected, and other words that start with the letter D. While my new job is awesome, other areas of my life have been less inspiring. Generally I've decided to retreat a little and keep my options open. Thus begins Operation Wait And See (OWAS) -- kind of a laissez-fair approach.

So things took an interesting turn with Holly. I got tackled last night. Yes, tackled. And she stayed over in my mojo bed. Naked. I'm not sure how I feel this morning. Defensive? Indifferent? Pleasantly surprised? Wanting more? Tired?

I know I've kind of painted Holly as persona non grata, but I promise you all -- my faithful blog readers -- that I am keeping my options open (eg, OWAS). Despite sexy time in my bed, she has given me no clear idea of what she wants. The whore in me will take sexy time when I can get it. But I'm sticking to what I said -- I'm done being the pursuer. The mountain can come to me. And it kind of did last night.

If only it will come to me more.

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