Thursday, October 26, 2006

"It's not like you don't have anything to do, right?"

I'm sitting here in a darkened office watching the lights slowly come
on in the apartments across the street from me, office buildings, and the Empire State Building. Currently the ESB is glowing red and yellow and you can see periodic flashes of light from the tourists taking pictures from the observation deck high up above. Work is mercifully quiet and I'm slowly finishing things up so that I might meet some friends for a quick drink at the Cubbyhole.

Things have been crazy busy so my screw around time on the internet (eg, blogging) has taken a hit. My cat Theo, after shredding my hand, finally was coerced into his cat carrier yesterday and thus got to the vet to be neutered. After the trauma of surgery and spending the day away from home wore off, he was back to his old self again, purring, and engaging in auto-fellatio despite the surgery. I guess some habits can't be unlearned.

I'm enjoying this moment of quiet even though I know that I have a crazy amount of things to do when I get home from work in addition to the crazy amount of things I have to do before the end of Friday. But since I'm all about preserving my sanity, I'm allowing myself a diversion to have drinks with friends.

My lovelife has gone on the back burner. A couple of people have asked what's going on with Holly and the answer is that I don't know -- honestly I've been too busy to really find out. I'm going to be seeing her on Saturday and her and I are going to be having a little conversation. Ah, but whatever. I'm merely enjoying the silence right now.

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Red said...

Yay for neutering Theo! Is that his real name or his blog name? ;)