Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Maybe we should identify September as a 'Sweeps' month like the networks do."

If there is any irony to OFTL -- and later OFAG -- it is that in spite of all my searching over the last eight months it was really Holly that I was looking for. Our union was waiting for its moment as I went through first date after first date looking for Ms. Right. And in the end the push we needed was a misdirected drunken kiss that sent me into action, confirming something that I long since knew but had given up on -- that Holly and I were meant to be together. It only took a year and a half.

Love is a funny thing. I loathe to think that I might be using this blog to gush like a twelve year old over an object of affection, so I'm going to hold back on any teary eyed effusions. The spirit of OFTL and OFAG will remain, but these campaigns have effectively come to an end.

One of the characteristics of my friendship with Holly has been our inability to say what we are really thinking. I have since learned to read her really well and can usually guess with accuracy what is going on in her mind. As a result it should be no surprise that it took so long (with some help from our friend, Mr. Alcohol) for us to say what we had been silently saying for many months. And it should come as no surprise that it took a few beers last night until our conversation stopped skirting around the issue and we started talking about us.

"I really missed you this weekend," she said holding my hand as we sat on bar chairs.

"Though I feel kind of retarded, I missed you too." After a pause I ask as our fingers entwine, "So what are we doing here? Are we dating? Are we taking things slow? Is this slow?"

"I just don't want to move in on the second date. You know the old cliche. What does a lesbian bring on a second date? A U-haul."

"I don't want that either," I say with a smile and realizing I'm a little tipsy. And probably because I am tipsy, I'm wishing we weren't in a public place so I can do all sorts of naughty things to her. I note that she is wearing a skirt.

"Well I'm not seeing anyone right now," she adds with a sweep of her hand that breaks me from my x-rated train of thought. I wonder if this is her way of reaffirming that her and her boss are over.

"Neither am I." My mind flashes to SNDG and her recent email. "You know that girl I went out on a couple dates with? Well she said she was seeing someone so looks like we're all clear."

"I don't want you to blow off anyone on my account."

I lean in and give her a kiss. "Of course not. I've always thought you were lovely."


ada said...

Sweeps month is off to a great start! Best of luck to you as you embark upon this new adventure with Holy. And,no, you don't sound like a 12 year old.

ada said...

Holy, Holly... that's what happens when you don't preview your comments!?!

J-Wo said...

Oh my...never one to self censor, I nonetheless encourage you to figure out an appropriate level of disclosure on this Holly thing. As I recall (from accidentally calling her "Holly" when we last met), Holly doesn't know you have a blog.

Even as you write things like "Holly and I were meant to be together", I cringe over how they will be read later--by you *and* by her--because you KNOW she's going to find out eventually. Particularly given your close friendship with Ms. Alcohol.

That said, more details please.

nycrouge said...

The one thing I cringe about is the level of disclosure I've had about her not so super secret affair.