Friday, September 08, 2006

"That said, more details please."

Why oh why did I give my office a month's notice? If I had gone with the standard two weeks, today would have been my last day. Sweet Christ, if I had known that my lame duck period would drive me to tears of boredom or that my boss was just now posting my vacancy, then I wouldn't have been so generous.

Instead I have two weeks left. TWO WEEKS! Can it come any slower? And how jealous am I that Mr. Bad Apologies and J-Wo are currently sunning it up in Hawaii!

So it's Friday and I'm drumming my fingers against my keyboard because I have a happy hour to go to at 6:30 pm and time to kill at work beforehand. I've run out of blogs and interesting New York Times articles to read. I've cleaned out one of my various email account's inbox and took pleasure in deleting the messages of old girlfriends. I've also sadly contemplated that I haven't heard from Holly since we departed on Wednesday night and thusly am feeling a little antsy.

J-Wo made a good point in the comments section asking what "appropriate level of disclosure" will I take in letting Holly know about my blog. Sigh. I've always known that that day would come whether it was I who told her or a slip up from someone else (Note to J-Wo: Don't call her Holly when you meet her), but I will . . . someday. Though I have no problem with her reading my uncensored thoughts, I do feel bad for airing her dirty laundry on multiple occasions.


J-Wo said...

Who-hooo! I *love* being referenced in the title of your entries. I was getting jealous of Ms. ADA, who seems to have the lead so far...but I will come back, I tell you!

And don't be sad about your next two weeks...may I suggest more blogging, developing a financial plan (with 3-6 months of living expenses, don't you know!), commenting on everyone's blog entries, and perhaps an opinion column on Brad Pitt's latest pro-gay statement on weddings?

Ok, gotta go back to the beach. Mr. Bad Apologies is GLOWING white and something needs to be done.

Dorothy Snarker said...

Well, slightly belated congrats on your OFAG breakthrough. While revealing the whole blog thing may prove a little complicated, I'm sure you two crazy kids will be able to work it out.

Plus, I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter of your continuing (completely non-banal) adventures. Shall we call them OHEA (Operation Happily Ever After) or OLEG (Operation Lets Enjoy Girlfriend) or - maybe most appropriately - OLES (Operation Love Every Second).