Saturday, September 09, 2006

"Best of luck in your relationship, but I think it is best if we don't speak again."

Just a final word on SNDG and thus the last gasp of OFAG: People are weird.

So after she sent her email earlier this week telling me of another relationship she was embarking on, I sent an email back with a kind of "whatever" tone and told her of the new relationship I was embarking on. I thought we could have been friends as we had a good rapport, albeit not sexual. Like I said, whatever.

I got a response this morning:

I am a dishonest person. I misrepresented myself in my response to you and carried on when I didn't feel anything and when I was in love with someone else.

What I did has ruined what was probably the most important relationship I've ever had.

Best of luck in your relationship, but I think it is best if we don't speak again.

Huh? Bit strongly worded, don't you think? Actually a bit unnecessary as we only met twice. Why people have to make a big deal out of nothing is beyond me. Her choice of words is interesting, especially the use of "dishonest" and "misrepresented." Is she not really bisexual as she claimed? Is she not telling me the whole story? Not a good person? If it's the later, wow . . . I must not be as good a judge of character as I thought I was.

Looks like I'll be needing someone to go with me to the Sufjan Stevens concert on September 29th. J-Wo? You will be visiting me that night after all . . .


J-Wo said...

Me, me, me!! I'll be done with my meeting around 5 p.m. and I can be ALL YOURS!!**

**I may have been dishonest in the sentences above, and perhaps even misrepresented myself. Truth be told, it may be 5:15 by the time I'm done. Has my untruth ruined what is probably the most important opportunity to see Sufjan Stevens I've ever had?

tec said...

Nutty. Maybe she was seeing a bunch of people and confused you with someone else. Or maybe she's just a drama queen. Either way, good riddance.