Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Oh well aren't we Miss Popularity?"

Although it was 5 am, someone was laughing -- a full throated belly laugh that echoed through the pre-dawn stillness and roused me from sleep. The windows were open and I could hear everything. A dog began to bark in response and a car door slammed. I slowly turned in my bed to find that Jasper had curled himself up next to me sometime during the night, but his ears were perked. Even he had been startled by the sudden outburst from the street below.

Brooklyn is never truly silent and though I am well used to the noise by now, the addition of kitties to my apartment means that every little thump wakes me up. Much to my dismay, Jasper and Theo like to wake around 6 am and start their day with a vigorous game of chase. I wonder if their previous owners were early risers because if I am not up to feed them, Jasper usually reminds me with a long high-pitched yowl that it's time for breakfast.

I've had a hard time getting up the past few days. Maybe it's the abbreviated sleep pattern, but has taken multiple cups of coffee to get my brain somewhere close to functioning. I have been spending my first couple of mornings at my new job in a slow daze and gazing out onto the Empire State Building from the tenth floor of my office building. Though I am temporarily sitting at a new coworker's desk while my new computer is set up, I just found out today that I will be occupying the next desk over in this corner office, which will afford a perch above 33rd Street and 180 degree views of Midtown and the coveted Empire State Building.

I do think I have scored a coup!

In the meantime I've had to adjust to a new neighborhood and answer the following questions: how long will it take me to get to my new job?; where will I get my morning toast?; and more importantly, where will I eat lunch?


Red said...

She claims skills in the kitchen, and yet can't manage to make buttered toast at home.

Raised eyebrow.

Congrats on the new job!

SavvySunshine said...

OMG Lucky Bastard! What a great view! Good luck with the new job.

Oh BTW, go check out OKMG, going strong!