Monday, September 11, 2006

"I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter of your continuing adventures."

Though my adventures never seem to be banal -- more like screwball -- I started this blog as a chronicle of the mundane and the transition from Washingtonian to New Yorker. Then it morphed into me whining about my feelings for Holly only to morph again into OFTL. If my life were a book, this is where the next chapter would begin.

Actually I've been thinking OFTL would make a good book and have been moving through the last eight months with some idea that when OTFL or the year came to the end, I would gather up all my experiences and write something where each month was its own themed chapter. Something akin to a tongue-in-cheek dating manual wrapped up in a memoir. For instance, the January chapter would be about online dating and the five first dates I went on tentatively titled "Shock and Awe." I might be posting draft chapters in the coming month so I can get feedback.

Although I saw Holly Friday night, we were with other people celebrating a birthday and thus didn't get any one on one time. She was supposed to join me on Saturday for another birthday party, but backed out as she wasn't feeling well. On Sunday afternoon I called her and asked, "So, how are you planning on entertaining me today?" We decided on Lebanese food at a place by her South Slope apartment. We hung out, ate hummus, and smoked some hookah. The air temperature cooled quite a bit and we both shared her red shawl as we walked to Cafe Steinhof for a beer, my arm wrapped around her waist. Afterwards she was feeling tired so we headed towards her place as it was also on the way to the subway. On the corner, I pulled her towards me and kissed her wishing that it wasn't Sunday night and wishing we could commence with some much needed debauchery. But it was dark and she was tired so I held onto the curve of her hip as we kissed a little more.

"Call me sometime this week?" she begged.

"Of course."


Dorothy Snarker said...

Hey, I made your headline! Watch me Snoopy Dance through the room (metaphorically).

I must say, I think the idea of an OFTL book is a brilliant idea. You have a lovely writing style, both witty and pithy, interspersed with pockets of beautifully descriptive prose. I’d buy that book.

nycrouge said...

Why thank you, mam. And may I say that I am not sure if I am delighted or humbled to find that you put me in the same link category as After Ellen and Defamer. Oh the pressure . . .