Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"Was this gay man free sex, or is there a U-haul on order?"

Mr. Bad Apologies's recent spate of blog comments lends me to think that perhaps I should clear up some burning questions, especially this one: "If J-Wo is visiting you, when did all this mad lesbian sex happen?"

As some of you know, J-Wo has been visiting me since Saturday evening -- 5 pm to be exact. I only managed to leave Anne's bed because of two poorly timed phone calls from J-Wo alerting me that she was finally in Brooklyn and driving up Flatbush Avenue. Being the bad hostess that I am, I gave J-Wo directions to South Slope to pick me up so I wouldn't have to do the Walk Of Shame
(thank God she managed to make it through Grand Army Plaza).

Are we all clear on the timeline here?

Fortunately and unfortunately I had Lesbian Club duties to attend to. J-Wo ordered chinese food once we got back to the house and I scrambled to clean up and wash my greasy sex hair in preparation for going out. J-Wo was such a trooper and didn't mind being dragged to Bar Sepia to meet my bourgeoning Lesbian empire. Later we went to First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, only lasting a hour or so until my 3 hours of sleep struck me down.

So Mr. BA, this was not gay man free sex nor was a U-haul put on order. It's somewhere in between. Yes there was negotiating so to speak during my time spent in Anne's bed. Gay woman free sex is a rarity and I think we're just trying to see where this is going.

Then again, let's be honest here. Gay woman free sex sounds pretty fucking amazing right about now.

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