Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Don't burn your booty bridges."

I'm back from the Land of Mopiness and doing much better. For those readers who didn't get the veiled obviousness of my previous post, Anne just wants to be friends and I'm okay with that. I've come to realize that Anne, if anything, was a good person to break my dry spell with. Sure, a relationship with her probably would have been a "disaster," but what I lament the most is my missed opportunity for more mind blowing sex.

I've also realized that the longest sexual relationship I've had is with my vibrator. This makes me sad. Therefore Operation Find The Lesbians must move forward.

More tackling!

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J-Wo said...

Let me reiterate, you have PLENTY of friends.

I strongly suggest that you keep Anne at arm's length--avoiding one-on-one activities and only participating in Social Group activities with her. It will be easier on you, and send a message that you aren't just there for the taking whenever it's convenient for her.

Now email Ms. Second Date back with an apology and an invitation to drinks. Post haste.