Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"Are you doing anything that night?"

I have a rather unique dilemma. Actually it's not a dilemma since I know what I need to do, but I still feel crappy about it. And it's unique because these things DO NOT EVER happen to me.

Remember Second Date Girl? Well I haven't heard a lot from her since the second date a few weeks ago. I guess the girl's been busy/uninterested and lord knows I've been pursuing other avenues.
And then Second Date Girl emailed me last night. She mentioned wanting to do something on Friday -- a THIRD DATE. Argh! Now I'm going to have to tell her about The Other and that I'd like to be friends. See why I feel crappy? I'm too nice.

In other news, Anne has requested that I spend the entire day of Sunday in bed with her. I just might have to oblige.


Red said...

Wow, look at all the action! J. Wo. is clearly a lesbian good luck charm.

H said...

Why can't you just date multiple people? Or are you looking for a single, exclusive long-term relationship? I don't see why you couldn't totally cash in on your New Year's resolution right now and go on numerous dates. :)

nycrouge said...

While I completely agree and yes there hasn't been any commitment, I just wouldn't feel right. The thing with Anne seems far too intsense for the casual and I wouldn't want to lead Second Date Girl on.

That said, I emailed SDG this morning and was honest with her and said I hoped to be friends. And another thing to keep in mind is that SDG wanted to get together on Friday and there's no way I could see her before going to London on Tuesday.

Far more of an explanation than you probably wanted . . .

J-Wo said...


After hours and HOURS of "I'm just living in the moment" and "I'm not going to think about where this thing with Anne might lead", here you are blowing off a perfect opportunity to experience MORE lesbian action.

Sigh. Get the U-Haul.

nycrouge said...


I probably was a bit hasty.