Monday, March 13, 2006

"How did it go with Ms. Ambivalent?"

Thank you, Mick Jagger, for reminding me that I can't always get what I want. And thank you, Apples in Stereo, for reminding me that people come and go just like the rainbow. Can you tell that I've been listening to a lot of sad bastard music?

Uh, so I go to London tomorrow to see friends and cut a path of destruction along the M4. Hopefully I'll have computer access to update you all of my international Lesbian shenanigans. Actually I'm glad that I'm leaving NY so I can get some emotional distance between Anne and I. Yes, I want her in my life as a friend, but only if I can stop being a sad bastard.

[ Fast forward 1.5 hours -- mood shifts from sullen to pissy ]

Now I'm an angry bastard. Anne, you can't tell a girl that you think they're pretty and you want to kiss them etc and then pull back citing that I'm either (a) not the one, (b) not long term material, or (c) that we'll "end up killing each other." I respect your prescience, but wished you had had it back when you first confessed to wanting to kiss me. Gah! I'm still very fond of you, but this bullshit makes me so pissed off.


Mr. Bad Apologies said...

Yeah, she SUCKS. I say go with J-Wo's suggestions. Make Ms. Second Date into Ms. Third Date when you return, presuming you survived the M4.

Red said...

Oh, relish the joy that is dozens of roundabouts. Have a fantastic time, I heart the UK! One day you and I will both live in London! And a close friend of mine just secured a job at the British embassy in Washington, so we can use her as our in :)