Thursday, July 07, 2005

"The presidential bike suffered some damage . . ."

I traveled to work this morning in a daze. Just after waking up, Jane had told me about the terror attacks in London and we spent some time trying to track down all our friends there to make sure they were alright. Everyone is accounted for, but it's never fun to have to contemplate that one's friends might be seriously hurt.

I've had the BBC on download all morning, feeding my news addiction for any news regardless of its relevance to my daily life. Generally I have been calm -- just worried about my friends -- but when Fala called me in a panic to find out if everyone we knew was okay, it brought back nasty flash backs of 9/11 and making frantic phone calls myself.

Well it's nice to be safe and alive, especially since I found out that one of the custodians at work has died. Maybe I'll have some gin after work. My friend in London mentioned that a friend's sister was on one of the bombed trains. Thankfully she's okay.

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