Monday, July 11, 2005

"It's functional extension of yourself."

So anyway. Back to me making an ass of myself.

Actually I've been rather well behaved, well except for the "Sake Bombs" I did with Holly at Planet Thailand on Saturday. It's really the kind of thing a frat boy does, but there I was, sake glass balanced on two chopsticks over my glass of Sapporo. The aim is to bang on the table so the sake falls into the glass of beer.

I broke my glass. Ooops. Thankfully I wasn't asked to leave.

Earlier I had convinced Holly that she wanted to go on the Brooklyn Brewery tour with me. Usually any mention of beer is a guarantee that Holly will be game. So we had traveled to Williamsburg, tasted the brews, played pool, and then went in search of more beer and dinner.

* * *

Ever since I realized that I was quickly becoming Norm from Cheers, I've tried to put the breaks on my bar residency at my local pub. So on Sunday, bored out of my mind and having exhausting all entertaining DVD options, I broke down and went to my local, grabbing a book to read on the way. Not a bad way to pass the time -- reading a book and sipping on Brooklyn Brown Ale. I've made peace with my Normness since it's nice walking into a place and everyone says hey and asks how I am doing. Chatting with one bartender, I told her I've been in New York since November.

Cali: "You've only been here 8 months? You look like you've been here forever."

Now does this mean that I now exude a certain New Yorkerness? That I have fully shed whatever made me a Washingtonian for so long? Or does it mean that it seems like I've been in the pub since the dawn of time? Probably not that.

What makes it so that a person seems as though they were always part of the urban fabric?


Alex said...

Very interesting page!

I am from NYC...

AzianBrewer said...

Sake bombs gave me the worst hangover ever....

nycrouge said...

Thankfully no hangover as I only did two. Alcohol is a cruel mistress.