Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"I hope you have your reciept."

I was absolutely gobsmacked yesterday when I opened the gift certificate that my bosses had given me. $150 to be spent at a posh Soho spa?? $150 to use to my heart's content? "Oh my god," I found myself saying aloud as stared dumbly at the gift certificate while waiting for the elevator. Of course every time I start to hate my job, something like this happens, something to mollify my loathing. A few months ago it was the impromptu $100 to be spent on dinner and drinks with friends. Sometimes I really have no room to complain and I shall not complain while getting my 75 minute massage.

On the other hand, my stupid MTA monthly subway pass, which costs $76, decided to not work anymore. And I only bought the bloody thing on the 18th! Oh cruel cruel fate, why must you mock me?

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gunngirl said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only who gripes at the cost and problems of bus passes. Here in Chicago, I have to drop $75 dollars for a monthly.

Oh, and great perks from your job.

Sigh, I wish I had a job. Great a great massage for me!