Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Clean up after your god or else . . ."

Well good for London. They got the Olympic bid for 2012. Yes this means New York lost out (much to Mayor Bloomberg's chagrin) but really I was apathetic about the whole thing anyway. Lord knows where I am going to be in 2012 anyway -- probably taking up refugee status in Canada. As for my London friends, their reactions range from ecstatic to grumbling.

So I returned the new phone to the Verizon store and now am back to my good ol' one. Holly asked me if it had a name when I showed her George, my circa 2000 phone that I carried in my purse in case I need to look up a phone number. I've decided to name its replacement Lucky for obvious reasons.

And since we're coursing along on my mental tangents, you know your hood is no longer cool when Old Navy puts its name (Williamsburg) on a t-shirt. Good thing I kind of sort of live in Bushwick. Won't see that on a t-shirt anytime soon.

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