Friday, July 22, 2005

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space."

One of these days Google is going to take over all of our lives and start issuing bar codes to be tattooed on our foreheads so that we'll fit better into their integrated biometric searching system. Until then my love affair with Google is still in the blissful stage, especially after they introduced Google Maps with the satellite feature that covers not only the US, but an assortment of other countries. Hours. Of. Fun.

Want to see your childhood home in suburban Maryland? Google Maps!

Want to see your crappy ass neighborhood from space? Google Maps!

Want to see the Houses of Parliament from thousands of feet above? Google Maps!

Want to roam around the surface of the moon from the comfort of your office chair? Google Moon Maps!

Oh yes. Google has just expanded coverage to the moon. Ladies and gentlemen, the barcodes will be coming shortly. Before we all get too excited, the images of the moon are limited to the area around the Apollo landing site, and if you zoom in too closely, you see cheese. So there you go.


M.Thom said...

OMG, I about wet myself when I zoomed all the way in on the moon and actually saw cheese. I thought you were kidding...

I also love, love, love Google. And it took me a while to convert from Yahoo! to Google, but Gmail was the final deciding point for me...because I love, love, love that too.

vittrad said...

I think that google is great, when I downloaded this, I spent the afternoon looking up all my former addresses.