Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"Dude, where's my gym lock?"

As I walked to the gym after work on Monday, silently congratulating myself on starting the week off right, I was reminded that my gym isn't exactly convenient -- well the price is, not the location. This probably explains why I don't go more often. But there I was, trying to make a good effort. I even congratulated myself for shlepping out to Chelsea in the miserable heat and humidity. New York and the subway gets especially rank when temps rise above 90. Well done me; I didn't retreat back to Brooklyn.

Except this is the part of the story where the New York City Parks and Recreation foil my good effort.

Turns out you're not supposed to leave belongings in the lockers overnight. This must be a new policy because I've had a lock on my locker since May and with no problem. Entering the women's locker room, I was presented with a bank of empty lockers and flyers taped up everywhere stating that locks had been clipped and warning that we're not allowed leave belongings in them. Sure enough my stuff was gone.

I could feel a scowl forming tightly across my face. If they threw away my stuff, especially my black Doves t-shirt from their Lost Souls tour, I was going to be very very grumpy. I stomped down to the front desk.

Me: "What happened to the stuff in the lockers before the locks were cut?"

Manager: "We have it in trash bags."

He looked apologetic. I think he saw my very grumpy looking face. He then began rummaging for my lost tennis shoes, t-shirt, and pants. After a few minutes I was reunited with my grungy workout clothes. Thanks, pal.

Me: "So basically we're not allowed to leave things in the lockers overnight?"

Manager: "Yes. Unfortunately they've been used to store illegal items in the past."

As I pondered what this could entail, I felt a little less grumpy. The manager can't help it if people abuse their privileges, but at the same time Jesus Christ! How inconvenient are you trying to make this for me? I guess this is what I should expect for only paying $75 a year.

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