Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"CGI-limits reached, please try again later!"

There was a television ad for the Washington Post job section that I remember quite fondly. It begins with a caged parrot in an apartment doing what parrots do best -- repeating some dumb phrase over and over again. In this case, the parrot is repeating, "Not another day. Not another day." In comes the parrot's owner, clearly just back from work, briefcase in hand.

"Not another day," he says, dropping the briefcase and clutching his head in misery. "Not another day." Then the parrot pipes in for added effect. The point of the ad is to check the Post's job section. Point taken.

I am that man. Except I don't have a parrot.

The "must get the fuck outta here" job searching machine is slowing emerging from its nine month slumber. Evidenced not only by covert coverletter writing on the work computer, but by my obsessive checking of Craigslist, Media Bistro, and the Creative Hotlist. Since every day a smidge of soul dies from misery, I've got to put the smack down. My eyes have been zeroing in on any job with the title "graphic designer" or "junior art director." (And yes, J-Wo, it must be in New York.)

Why oh why is it summer? It's the worst time to look since most people are busy planning their vacations. If only they would realize that there is a very talented young designer out there who just wants the chance to dazzle a prospective employer with her print skills.

Oh and speaking of obsessions, this blogger is might die of excitement since there is only a few days left till the next Harry Potter comes out. So many competing priorities in my life! I know what I'll be doing on Saturday . . .

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