Monday, April 27, 2009

"A modest proposal."

Recently, after Ms. K made a grumble about our neighborhood stemming from another altercation with a hasid, I made a modest proposal. "Hey, we don't have to live in Kensington. It's just a thought, but we can see what is available when our lease is up in October."

After all our hard work, scrubbing, DIY projects, and suffering, the idea of moving by the end of 2009 seemed like a betrayal, especially since we were hoping to stay put and save money to buy a place. I felt guilty for suggesting it, but there's no reason to be miserable in order to save a few hundred dollars.

As the idea grew in our heads, we started naming places we'd like to live instead. I even went onto the dreaded Craigslist to see what apartments were going for in the neighborhoods we desired and boy have prices gone down since September. Funny how when we were last looking was right before the stock market crash. Now, for only a 30% upgrade in rent, we could live in Park Slope or have a backyard in Windsor Terrace. A BACK YARD. Soon we were giddy with fantasies of Weber Grills, patio furniture, cocktails, baby pools, and Harley frolicking in the grass.


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ToonCat said...

At least you actually live there so looking is allowed. I occasionally check craigslist for apartment prices so we're prepared when (if) Wifey gets the job offer that means we can move to NYC. Now that's just sad...