Thursday, April 16, 2009

"You poor thing, you must be in agony!"

Ever since my new kate spade shoes arrived, I've gazed at them longingly, noting their patent leather shine and flirty style. At a size 10 (boats!), they're a smidge big, but in a good way. The princess in me wants to wear them around The Apartment as I do such everyday tasks as the dishes and putting away the laundry.

But here's the problem. I've been in near agony for a year (a year!) with chronic pain in my right foot. I read somewhere once that the average New Yorker walks four miles a day and so imagine how that feels with chronic pain. When I put on my new shoes, the pain was so great that my right foot could barely support my weight. Oy.

As sexy as this sounds, yesterday I broke down and went to a podiatrist in Chelsea. Why it took me a year of suffering, I have no clue. I guess I figured it would eventually go away. But it didn't and now I know why.

Upon meeting my lovely new doctor, I explained that I've been in pain for a year, but have these super cute shoes I would like to wear in two weeks. He merely shook his head. "You give me no time!"

But since my doctor is the Tim Gunn of the podiatry world, he vowed to make it work provided I do x, y, and z.

Further exploration with the x-ray revealed that I have a large bone spur in my right foot and evidence of plantar fasciitis. "You poor thing, you must be in agony!"

Finally! Validation!

Excuse me while I go ice my foot and perform a series of calf stretching exercises. In my cubicle. And I have an appointment with a physical therapist. Sexy shoe wearing, here I come!

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Anonymous said...

Sweetie, I feel for you. Plantar faciitis is really tough to get over. While the calf stretching will help some, it takes time. Have him shoot you up with a cortisone shot right before you leave town for the wedding if you want to wear those sexy shoes!