Friday, April 14, 2006

"Ich heisse superfantastiche!"

How cool is my life? I get to see both Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab For Cutie at the Hammerstein Ballroom with Marie, my new band buddy from Lesbian Club. Sinus infection be damned.

What an amazing show. The Cribs opened up for FF and DCFB, and while I was rocking hard core to the Cribs' first album about a year ago, kind of wish their live performance was a little tighter -- especially since FF and DCFC have mastered the tight performance. And boy did FF make me jump up and down and rock my little heart out. Too bad all the emo boys and girls who had come to see DCFC couldn't break it down too. If Alex Kapranos shakes his ass, the least you could do is reciprocate.

One thing I should note is that on the other side of Marie stood a man with a three year old boy in his arms. At first I was going to put on my best Reese Witherspoon accent a la Sweet Home Alabama and say, "You brought a baby . . . to a rock concert??" But soon I saw that the kid was wearing a white t-shirt that said,
"Littlest Fan."

How fucking cute was THAT?

And sure enough when FF came on and did their big hits like Take Me Out and Dark Of The Matinee, the little boy bopped up and down and pointed excitedly. Unfortunately he rocked it a little too hard core because by the end of the FF set, his head was buried in his dad's (?) shoulder looking like it was way past his bedtime. Maybe it was the secondhand pot fumes from the two guys a couple feet away.

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