Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Eleanor put your boots back on."

Okay, that was fun. My doctor tells me I have
sinusitis. Now I'm on lovely lovely pharmaceuticals and my voice is only now starting to return to normal.

Since I'm hardcore, it takes a lot to make me stop moving. Look at how I dragged my butt to DC after staying up till 3 am the night before drinking Belgian beer with Holly after the Josh Rouse concert. Saturday I was out till after 3 am at some Adams Morgan bar. Sunday back on a bus. But for all my hardcoreness, Monday was the Day of Reckoning. Unable to stand the pain anymore, I schlepped uptown to the doctor's office where I learned that a sinus infection had "superimposed itself" over my cold. Awesome.

I forced myself to take it easy, staying home on Monday and canceling Wednesday's Lesbian Club. I had Vi in town on Tuesday, so that was rather unavoidable. Now it's Thursday and I'm only about 75% better. I was hoping by now I could ween myself off the ibuprofin and Pseudovent, but alas -- the pain and pressure are still there. Must learn to take it easy more.

Oh but wait . . . I'm watching Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab for Cutie at the Hammerstein Ballroom tonight and while I have Good Friday off, OFTL strikes back on Saturday with Lesbian Club's picnic in the park.

Can I please please be infection free by then?


Dorothy Snarker said...

You, too? I feel like my head has been stuffed with soggy cotton, then banged repeatedly with a hammer. Good times.

nycrouge said...

Drugs are the way forward.