Friday, April 21, 2006

"But you can blog about my beauty. I'll permit that, as long as it's haiku form."

Alright. I got nuthin.

Signe desperately wants me to blog about something. ANYTHING. At least that I figured based on the amount of times she refreshes my blog. I pointed this out to her in a friendly bout of mocking. After the mocking subsided, she suggested I blog about the recent birth of the Spawn of Cruise in an attempt to get my mental wheels going. As much as I would love to comment on TomKat's new additon (shudder . . . shudder), it's Cruise's thoughts on uses for the placenta that really give me pause.

And to think, Signe, you once lusted after this man?

In other news, I'm (a) still single (b) trying desperately to stick to my plan to only think positive thoughts in regards to OFTL and (c) failing miserably.

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Mr. Bad Apologies said...

Don't worry, I am failing miserably at operation find the lesbians too... although I don't want to tackle them like you do.