Friday, February 10, 2006

"The world is your bisexual oyster!"

Happy Friday, my little blog reading chickadees. I'm a tad bit hungover this morning, so bear with me. Oh yes, mock my pain all you want, but you love reading about it.

In the long list of things I would like to do before I die, pole dancing eeeks in at #521 just before acupuncture -- interesting, but probably worth only one try. So there I was, socially lubricated as they say, and pole dancing
with Holly on top of a bar. Not a bad way end my Thursday, however the social lubricant (lycheetini, margaritas, and beer) made for a slow Friday morning.

[ makes a big check mark next to pole dancing ]

Hangover aside, I'm in a really good mood. Lesbian Club is taking off, making new friends, and I've decided that I'm just going to accept that I have feelings for Holly and that I probably will for a while. It's another angle on moving on. I figure if I accept my feelings, it's a lot more productive than trying to banish all inappropriate thoughts (see pole dancing comments above).

* * *
Dear L Word writers,

Hi. Big fan of the show. Season 3 got off to a slow start, but the writing and the acting is finally starting to gel. Still trying to figure out the 180 you did on Helena's character, but not a lot of complaints . . . until I watched episode 5.

You opened the episode in Fairfax, Virginia circa 1985. Woo hooo! The DC metro area is my home territory! Fairfax is very much like where I grew up in Montogomery Co., Maryland . . . very suburban and middle class. So I'm a little bemused that your version of Fairfax circa 1985 is the dusty hinterlands of the Bible Belt with hot gay mechanics waiting to get blowjobs from closeted bible types. Fairfax might be in the south, but it's crazy suburban . . . even back in 1985.

I propose an alternate scenario: bible guy on his way to Roanoke is driving west on I-66 and gets a flat tire somewhere near the exit for the Dulles Toll Road. Luckily the man has AAA and a carphone, so the car is easily towed to a nearby gas station. Insert blowjob scene from hot mechanic who DOESN'T have a southern accent and you have a plausible scenario.


Ms. Post No Bills.


Dennise said...

Fairfax? The bible belt? Bwahahahahahaha!

(clutches at sides and gasps for air)

A Fairfax County native

Mr. Bad Apologies said...

No one said there were BLOWJOBS in the L Word. Why haven't I been watching!?