Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"Here I am, the very equivalent of winning the 'Lesbian Lottery' ... yet all are blind to that fact."

As I walked through the aisles in Duane Reade to pick up lightbulbs, sugar, and paper towels, I happened upon a small gathering of middle aged women giggling over stuffed animals that played some sort of hokey Valentine's Day song. Those are the moments that I thank my lucky stars I'm single -- no chance in hell of receiving a stuffed animal or a silk rose for Valentine's Day.

I began to ponder the type of woman who wants stuffed animals on Valentine's Day. Are they from the same tribe that puts stuffed animals in the rear window of their car? These are the burning questions of our times, people!

So how did I spend the holiday yesterday? Alone, drinking a bottle of wine, and eating chocolate souffle. Sad, sad, sad.

* * *

Update on Operation Find The Lesbians

No dates lately, just my weekly Lesbian Club meetings. However I've been corresponding with a woman so there might be some progress to report in the near future. And yes, J-Wo, I would love to make a concerted effort in 2006 to kiss a woman or maybe a 100. I'm working on it.

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