Friday, February 17, 2006

"Good night, beautiful."

Ah President's Day weekend . . . . a time for us to reflect upon things presidential. Not sure what "presidential" entails -- blowjobs? grassy knolls? wooden teeth? -- but I'm going to do my best to be more like Andrew Johnson this weekend. That means that by Tuesday I'll be stinkin' drunk and everyone will have voted to impeach me except for one senator.

Or maybe I'll aim for another angle.

The weekend kicks off with a date tonight at 6pm. I'm trying to muster the proper enthusiasm, but my recent boughts of first dates have proven that I really don't have the best luck at garnering second dates. And I definitely won't have a second date one she sees the weird thing my hair is doing. All I can say is wish me luck.

If date goes bad, I have The Lesbians to keep me entertained this weekend. Current plans are for drinking and dancing on Sunday and I plan to be a bad, bad girl.

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