Thursday, January 03, 2008

"I can't believe that you didn't want to show up to our party about love."

In my dream it was my wedding day. The family had arrived and were all staying at the Ritz Carlton on Central Park and I remember being shocked that my mom wasn't being her normal cheap self and was paying to put up the family at such an extremely expensive hotel. My mom was also calm and supportive of my gay nuptials and my 89 year old grandmother was there to provide me with an old piece of sapphire jewelry for the "something borrowed, something blue" tradition. I'm fairly certain I was marrying Ms. K because I remember seeing her at the beginning of the dream and she looked amazingly lovely.

I got in my dress, a dress of flowing white silk that I could have never pulled off in real life, and I looked stunning as I walked across an Italian looking plaza on my way to somewhere in the city. The problem was that there were all these errands that had to be done before the wedding. So I ended up running all over New York trying to get them done, at one point going back to the hotel and forgetting which floor my room was on. I stood in the elevator just staring at the buttons not knowing which one to push. Suddenly the elevator jerked up the sixtieth floor just as I remembered that I was staying on the third, the movement triggering a fear of heights and a wave of nausea. Then I was in a cab riding through New York. Then I was helping my friend Meegs package up some sausage for the reception. Meanwhile my silk dress had become wrinkled, the train mushed, and I seriously doubted that sausage grease + white wedding dress was a good idea owing to the fact that I always spill food on myself. Also I was acutely aware that I had a wedding to get to and feeling anxious with that panicked feeling that you get when you know you have to be somewhere important but obstacles are in the way.

Meanwhile Ms. K dreamt the same night that had broken up with her, forcing her to walk back to Brooklyn because the Manhattan Bridge was broken. Trying to cross it she was met with a line of people corralled by a cop. Unable to cross, the cop warned that only one person a time was allowed over the bridge for safety concerns.

Talk about very two different dreams.

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