Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Damnit, I guess this makes me an adult now."

Didn't I say that 2008 was all about more sex and less financial ruin? Here's an update on my progress.


Please avert your eyes or nervously skim if you think some things are better left unknown. Okay? Okay.

I really -- and I mean REALLY -- love the harness that Ms. K and I purchased before the New Year, which we have been using in tandem with this guy. She loves it too, but for different reasons. I've never used a strap on in a relationship before. Scratch that -- I did with my Crazy Ex, but that was eons ago and it was only for a short period of time before we broke up and she stole it to use with her new girlfriend (now wife). Unpleasant memories aside, I suggested to Ms. K that we try it after frustrated attempts with the Feeldoe. She was skeptical at first, but later changed her tune when I made her body shake from a series of orgasms.

Holy crap.

Pardon my language but fucking a woman and watching the look on her face as she comes for the second time has to be the greatest gift in all the world. Thank you, God. I guess this makes me a "Femme Top."


I went to debt counseling back on January 8th, strangely the same day I came down with my viral infection. Hoping to take advantage of the new year, sun/new moon in Capricorn, I gathered my shame and my bank statements and took my show to a non-profit counseling company in Midtown. I'll spare you the details, but what I'm really trying to say is that I want 2008 to be about healthy changes in my life. I want it to be about overcoming my fears, from my relationship with money to my relationship with my mother. Maybe it's my impending Saturn Return that's prompting me towards getting my shit together, but better now than never.


EnnuiHerself said...

1) When I read the words "this guy", I initially though that you meant an actual guy. And I was shocked - shocked! - I tell you. And then I clicked on the link.

2) I think paying $47 (I can only assume you got the glitter one) for a sex toy goes against the "less financial ruin" half our new motto. Although it nicely fulfills the first half.

sinclair said...

hmm, well personally - to comment on #2 above - I think it's extremely necessary to have an outlet for stress, and often a good romp in the sack is a really great stress-reliever. (did I just write 'romp in the sack'? I so did).

I entered into a debt program a year and a half ago and I am SO GLAD I did. it's scary, but my god, there's an end in sight! thank heavens!

so glad you've found a harness you like :)

Sweet Cheeks said...

Which exact harness did you get? Been trying to find a good one :) Just found your blog BTW...Lovin it ;)

Anonymous said...

i also just found your blog and love it.

probably because "i feel you dog" on the financial ruin and fun gay family life...but mostly its that i totes agree on the fucking a woman situation. you don't know it until you try, but its fucking a-mazing.

it's with a z said...

1) Hell's fuckin' yeah on fucking a woman/getting to see her look like she's been run over my a steamroller.
2) What was the non-profit financial counseling place you went to?? Both myself and the gf could use some.
3) I have spent several hours a day, for the last week at my lame-ass temp job catching up on the last three years of your life. There, I said it. Oh, and it was awesome.

nycrouge said...

The non-profit would be Greenpath. And it's curious to think someone has been reading the whole entire archive over a week. I'm glad my life came across as awesome ;) Thanks.

it's with a z said...

Thanks so much for the name.

And as for the read-a-thon, the gf and I actually live in Fort Greene, just discovered brunch at Beast, love Superfine, etc. So it's fascinating to get a chance to peek into the life of someone who could be one of the thousands of people I walk by every day in the city.