Monday, October 29, 2007

"And I said no no no."

I'm getting too old for drama, especially the lesbian variety. The Halloween party I went to ended up in near fisticuffs with me having to separate Holly's 22 year old roommate, dressed as Amy Winehouse incidentally, and my drunk 35 year old friend Carm. I was dressed as Mrs. White from the movie Clue and while it was a far cry from last year's serving wench look, I still looked hot -- too hot to be playing adult when things took a turn for the dramatic.

Anyway I learned a couple of things:

* Apparently dressing as Amy Winehouse for Halloween is en vogue for 2007 (photos, photos). There were two at the party on Saturday. And apparently Amy gets around too. She was spotted at a party in the DC area.

* Never get in the middle of two drunk girls fighting, especially when one is dressed as Amy Winehouse. She'll fight dirty and crazy.

* I'm too good for Holly, especially after meeting her "boyfriend" at the party for the very first time. I was a little nervous at finally meeting the infamous J, but when he walked in the door I started laughing. I win. I win hands down compared to him. And I felt smug that given the chance to meet him, however awkward, I looked fucking hot. Take that!

* It was me with the candlestick in the kitchen. It was a bloody mess.

And that, my friends, is all I wish to ever blog about Holly ever again.


LG said...

Perhaps this is totally shallow, but I'm at peace with it: few feelings beat seeing the new significant other of an "ex" and knowing you're clearly superior.

Look, there aren't a lot of things in life that are as satisfying. Take it and run.

Cal said...

For the record, Amy was yesterday in Paris, giving a concert (or was trying to give a concert), a drink in one hand, a micro in the other. Sad.

josephine said...

Thanks for the updates on all your readers have closure!

birdonthewirenyc said...

you did look hot. smokin'! and what was up with the creepy lecherous dude trying to look up my girl's skirt? fucked up shite dude.