Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Somebody just touched me."

My story takes us back to the summer of 2006. I was on a first date with a woman who had responded to my dating manifesto on Craigslist. While not exactly a home run of a OFAG candidate, my date and I had a good time nonetheless, first starting at Cocoa Bar in Park Slope followed by a couple of beers at The Gate, the later of which was expectedly packed with weekend revelers. We found space to sit off the back of the bar on vinyl padded benches in a tiny, narrow room where people could play darts.

For a while we had company in the form of a guy and girl at the end of the bench. The room was small enough that probably only a couple of meters separated my date and I from the other two. But after a while they left and it was just the two of us. My date sat on my left and there was nobody on my right.

I should mention that although it was late -- probably 1 or 2 am -- and the fact that I had had a few glasses of wine and a beer, I had managed to sober up.

My date and I had been talking about something, probably the upcoming Sufjan Stevens concert at Town Hall, when I felt someone run their hand slowly down my right leg.

I jumped and immediately whipped my head to the right to see who the hell was groping me because they needed to step off.

No one was there.

It wasn't my date who had gotten frisky with me. She was sitting to my right and I had been looking at her as we talked, my back to the length of the bench and the dart board. And no, there was no way anyone could have gotten in and out of the room because my date was in full view of the entrance.

"Somebody just touched me," I said in shock. "On my right leg."

"I never saw anyone over there."

Spooky . . .


EnnuiHerself said...

Wow. You're so damn sexy that even the spirits want to feel you up.

ms. write again soon said...

Since I went with you to that Sufjan Stevens concert, I feel that I am also at the mercy of the spirits.

Design Dyke said...

sciatic nerve perhaps?! i was in a similar situation, on a date, when I felt like someone was running their fingers down the back of my leg... but i had jeans on at the time so i knew it wasn't a hand. next conclusion, creepy crawly. i squealed like a girl.

nycrouge said...

Although I was also wearing jeans, this was the distinct feeling of hand (finger span covering almost the width of my thigh) running slowly down my thigh.