Monday, December 01, 2008

"Um, I think this is a one way street."

December? How can it be December already? My mom has been asking me for the past couple of weeks what my Christmas plans are. I keep telling her to ask me after Thanksgiving. And now that that holiday has come and gone, I guess I'll have to formulate a plan.

Speaking of questions, Ms. K has been asking when I was going to update my blog. Seems things got a little quiet because of the long holiday, the gloomy weather, and the Tryptophan in the turkey leftovers. My writing inertia ground to a halt as I enjoyed my relaxing 4.5 days off from work. So here are the highlights. Enjoy.

* While cooking Thanksgiving dinner for two, Ms. K embarked on a major closet organization/cull of our respective shit. (Stuff got shoved into closets after we moved.) Apparently I'm a pack rat, which I strongly disagree with. There were tears when she went through all my stuff and demanded to know why I was holding onto so much crap, especially random shit from 10-15 years ago. (Third grade report card? Make that 22 years ago.) Okay, so maybe I am a slight pack rat. And even though it made me inexplicably emotional to go through that stuff, I knew that I needed to let go and throw it all away.

* I discovered that spiking my homemade cranberry sauce with bourbon is delicious.

* Ms. K found her Isis puzzle ball when cleaning out the closets and has been sucked into deciphering the clues.

* We saw Milk, the new Harvey Milk bio pic starting Sean Penn, and sat behind Famke Janssen in the theater.

* I got another sort of show on the subway as I watched some guy brazenly huff from a can of compressed air. You know, the sort of compressed air you use to clean your keyboard? He would repeatedly pass out only to come to and huff some more, sometimes trying to hide it with his coat and other times not so much. Eventually he passed out on a Russian woman who was not amused. Ah, New York.

So there you go, your obligatory blog entry. All very exciting.


Ms. Avarice said...

I'm definitely dreading moving for that very reason - I know she's going to make me get rid of some stuff I'm still hanging onto! Glad the holiday, and your cranberry sauce went well!

Anonymous said...

sounds very similar to ours. I cleaned out closets to make room for my gf who recently moved in and we went to see Milk, too! Excellent that you were behind Famke Janssen!

Nelfy said...

Holy shit! Famke Janssen? *drool*

I can be a total pack rat at times and then I have days in which I go through my stuff and throw half of it away. So I feel your pain. I feel Ms. K's too ;-)