Friday, December 05, 2008

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

In a time when unemployment in the US is up to almost 7 percent, Ms. K got a promotion and will now be a manager at the restaurant she works for. Thank you God, Jesus, Buddha, Ganesh, and other appropriate dieties. While she has barely worked since the pier closed back at the end of September, this news couldn't have come any sooner as we were starting to worry about having the money to pay rent and whether or not Christmas would be canceled. This promotion hopefully means stability in an unsure time and a reliable source of income. Cautious optimism, people. Cautious optimism.

So maybe that's why I have been on my blog that much lately. The world is in tumult and each day becomes an increasing act of basic survival for many. Now Ms. K and I can breathe a little easier and it feels good.


MLC said...

Wonderful news -- congrats. Boy the industry is brutal though ... hard, hard work and hours.

I spent many years retailing and consoled myself by thinking "well restaurant hours are worse".


Alexa said...

that's great news... good comes to those who wait...