Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"You used to make me cry in the night."

I guess what I was trying to say with my previous blog entry is that after a wobbly start, my relationship with Ms. K finally found some solid ground at the end of 2007. It's funny to think that I had had my doubts about the seriousness of the relationship considering that now we live together and find joy in the simple pleasure of cooking dinner together and looking at paint samples. How very lesbian of us.

I don't know, guys. What happens when you get into a serious long term relationship? This is a little bit new to me . . . or maybe not so new since I was with my first girlfriend for almost three years and my second for a year and a half. But I think I blocked those years out. Well I didn't block everything out since I remember my second ex-girlfriend having a rage fueled breakdown involving a hammer and a bookcase.

That's another story for another time.

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Josephine said...

I think those earlier relationships are different because it takes a couple of trial runs to learn what you really want in a relationship and how to make it work. The fact that you were so cautious about making the commitment is probably a good thing. You knew what you were getting into and chose to go forward. And now you're learning by trial and error how to get through problem spots. Congrats, you're on the right track!