Monday, October 06, 2008

"I have a sewing machine and a dream."

On Sunday, Ms. K and I took an important step in our relationship. We went to IKEA.

Lured by the promise of cheap household items and breezy Swedish marketing, we drove to Red Hook to round out a list of things we needed for The Apartment. We told ourselves that we could only spend $100 because, you know, all that cheap shit adds up fast and, well, it's not the best time to break the bank when the bank is already broken.

So yes, it's official -- we're domesticated. We spend our weekends on DIY projects, looking at decorating websites, and going to suburban-esque chain stores. I'm sure if we had a yard we'd be raking leaves right about now. Seriously, I can remember a time not too long ago when Sundays were spent recovering from hangovers. Now we go to Lowes and IKEA.

Oh and that $100 budget? High fives for sticking to it, but I feel like we get negative points for buying pilsener glasses, wine glasses, and cocktail glasses. Did I mention that we have enough kitchen supplies already to start a restaurant?? Maybe this is just an excuse to throw a party and try and get some of our cred back.


Natazzz said...

I heart IKEA.

Also, you can never have too many kitchen supplies...especially if you're clumsy like me tend to break stuff.

pins said...

Welcome to the world of living together! And don't worry, after a few more weekends of domestication, the Sunday hangovers will be back (only occasionally)!

Sleepy said...

It's known as Dykea in my house!
Once it's become a habit (Which it will!) you will find yourself 'Couple' spotting everytime you are there!

Alexa said...

i smell a party somewhere... it's the perfect excuse to show your friends the new place and drink your liver off.. your already have the supplies for it so you only need booze now...

oh and i love ikea... awesome place..