Thursday, October 30, 2008

"I want to treat you nice."

"Hey," Ms. K called from the living room where she had the laptop propped open in front of her as she ate dinner. On the screen was the familiar sight of my blog. "I thought you were going to write a blog entry about how I treat you nice?"

It's true, I was going to write a counter point to entry I wrote about the two times she and I broke up, explaining that she's an awesome girlfriend who likes to do nice things for me. Ms. K felt that she had come off as a jerk in that entry. Nevermind that I had painted myself in a less than flattering light with my confession that I was the douche who had broken up with her via email. At least she had the grace to dive all the way from Pennsylvania to break up with me in person.

But I digress.

"I was," I explained from the kitchen, "but I didn't want to come across as schmaltzy." Because, you know, writing numerous blog entries about why my girlfriend is awesome could get old real fast. But since she is awesome I will regale you with one quick example.

A couple days ago over email, while ironing out a shopping list (and a budget!) of what we needed from Fairway, she asked me if there was anything I wanted to add to the list. I said that I had been having a big craving for spice cake and something with sage in it -- two things she does not like. In fact she said for emphasis, "I don't like sage! I don't like spice cake!"

So I was vetoed and I took my craving, with a dramatic sigh, to Epicurious where I looked at gingerbread recipes figuring I would just make something for myself.

That night Ms. K made dinner with her Fairway purchases (tostadas!) and when I got home I was met with a wave of warmth and the smell of roasted garlic from the kitchen. But I was also met with the smell of something else. I sniffed the air like my dog likes too when he detects something although not sure of what. I sniffed again. The apartment smelled like gingerbread? Gingerbread?!

She had gone ahead, even though she doesn't like it, and made me the Dark Gingerbread Pear Cake recipe from Gourmet. Why? Because she loves me.

So that's why my girlfriend is better than yours. Suck it!

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Natazzz said...

Funny. I always think Ms K. comes across as pretty awesome, even when you are complaining about her...