Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Your mom has a little bit of a bite on her."

My apologies for the slack off in blog entries. On one hand I have been very busy at work, which is generally prime time for blog writing. (Shhhh . . .) On the other hand I was anxiously awaiting my vacation with Ms. K -- anxious because we would be traveling to Delaware to stay with my mother at her beach house.

Yes, dear readers, my mom has now properly met Ms. K. And I don't mean the five second drive by that they had at Christmas. I have to tell you I was really nervous. Would my mom be on her best behavior? Would Ms. K run screaming, never wanting anything to do with me after spending time with Mom? Everything went fine. No one had to go into the bathroom and cry, which I did at Christmas. The only thing my mother did was inappropriately ask when Ms. K was going to get a "real" job. And she gave Ms. K the finger when Ms. K kept referring to John McCain as 112-years-old and Dara Torres as the "old lady swimmer." Apparently my mom, 58-years-old herself, was feeling touchy about her age.

But I guess it's good news when your mom gives your girlfriend the finger, right?

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