Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"¿Dónde está Connecticut Muffin?"

A couple days ago Ms. K and I made the resolution to only speak Spanish at home in order to work on our bilingual skills. I should mention that I do not speak Spanish apart from "¿Dónde está el baño?" and "Uno mas cerveza, por favor." Ms. K, once fluent herself, has forgotten her Spanish and listens to "Learn Hebrew" podcasts instead. I was the genius who studied four years of German and Latin in high school. So obviously this resolution needs some tinkering.

Anyway, the apartment hunt marches on, ensuring that when we find a place we can start speaking halting, food related Spanish to each other. "¿Te gusta burrito?" Yes. Yes I would. And to answer Anonymous's suggestion that I should look in other cheap neighborhoods other than Prospect Park South, I should mention that we don't want to be too far out that my daily commute to the city takes forever or that Ms, K, when working bar hours, isn't having to have to travel long distances late at night. I mean that apartment that we are looking at tonight off of Newkirk Avenue already feels like exile. Although I said to Ms. K that should we need to be exiled to BFE Brooklyn, at least we'll be exiled together.


Natazzz said...

Only speaking Spanish? *Raises eyebrows* Well, you gals do sure know how to keep things fun. *Snicker*

Apartment hunting sucks. I feel your pain. Hope you find something soon.

Anonymous said...

oh, oh, what about sunset park around 36th or 59th? there's a super-fast N express train, and brooklyn chinatown! just a thought.

Lesbianist said...

long time reader, first time commenter. my gf and i are in a moving/transition period as well, settling into a quirky apt in jackson heights, QNS. if you ladies ever decide to leave brooklyn, hollaaa; we're looking for homo room mates for our second bedroom!