Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Where's our damn apartment?"

I made a joke to Ms. K that when I close my eyes I see Craigslist ads for apartments. Like after a long road trip and you only see highways signs and lane markers when you close your eyes. She laughed and agreed.

Our lives are pretty much glued to Craigslist, refreshing every few minutes or so. My mind is even starting to think in broker-speak. $1600 / 3br - SUPER DEAL!!!! $1300 / 1br - OMG*HugeSpace* $1700 / 1br - PERFECT PAD FOR U... WITH ROOFDECK... OOO MAU MAU. HW floors. EIK. Jr 1br. Dogs are OK - wooof. Ditmas Park. Flatbush. Kensington. Sunset Park. Lefferts. I think I might explode.

Actually I'm starting to understand why people pay a thousand dollars for a broker to do the work for them.

We saw an almost perfect place a couple of days ago, but the broker had neglected to tell us that the place was secretly a studio and not a one bedroom apartment. Sigh. And then we saw another place that had potential, but the kitchen was the tiniest kitchen I have ever seen outside of a galley kitchen on an airplane. Sigh again.

The hunt continues.


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Kitchens have to be big!