Monday, August 18, 2008

"Under Pressure."

I read somewhere that moving is one of the three most stressful events one can experience in life after death and job loss. But what that conventional wisdom fails to express is that the run up to a move is as equally stressful, like staring at the horizon and see the slow build of a very large tidal wave. The ground trembles and shifts. Every moment seems precarious. Will Ms. K and I be able to ride the wave or will it sink us?

This isn't just any ol' move. It's the combining of two people's resources and property. This is a Serious. Life. Change. While Ms. K and I have been living with each other in a de facto situation since March, looking at cheapo crack dens south of Prospect Park sort of seals the deal. I saw a dreary place on Saturday that had potential, but the 12% broker fee was a little more that silly considering the state of the apartment and the building. (Attention brokers, this is no longer the height of the market! People are not going to pay close to a two grand broker fee on top of a deposit for some dumpy walk-up! Thanks.) So Ms. K and I have soldiered on, combing Craigslist for other potential places. She's been feeling very frustrated and anxious, but I reminded that we have only just begun our apartment search.

The tidal wave grows closer.


Anonymous said...

Rouge, you have described this phenomenon perfectly. I'm leaving the country for a year at the end of august, and despite all the preparations and my knowledge that it's going to happen, the tidal wave is inevitable, and I've been quietly stressing out about it for two months. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought of places besides near Prospect Park? There's a lot of other really cheap neighborhoods in Brooklyn (Bay Ridge, Midwood, Flatlands, Sheepshead Bay, etc.) where you can get better digs for cheap prices, and none of them are crack dens. Just a thought.

Ms. Avarice said...

Yeah. Dana and I were lamenting our pending, still a bit tentative move to NYC area. I'm realizing how difficult the process is going to be, but at the same time, I can't start until at least a couple of months before we move - what if it takes longer than that to find a place? Ugh. And we have to find jobs at the same time! Equally bad.