Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"Read line eight for me."

Manhattan DMV. Take three.

Seeing how none of my coworkers made it into work Monday and I didn't fancy staying in the office by myself all day, I skipped out in the afternoon to try my luck again at the DMV. It had already been two weeks since I was last there avec flu, sneezing, coughing, and feeling generally miserable. Two weeks since I went there twice in the span of a morning only to be turned away empty-handed. But this day I vowed to be victorious. This day I had my crucial (and mandatory) social security card.

Forty-five minutes and forty dollars later, I had a paper driver's license. Paper?? Not to disparage my new home, but the Maryland DMV is far more technologically advanced. Not only do you walk away with an actual physical license, but everything is computerized and takes minutes. Apparently my real New York driver's license is arriving by mail, which seems a little archaic to me, but whatever.

When it arrives, does that officially make me a New Yorker?


H said...

Doesn't it take running down at least four or five pedestrians in your car before you are a true New York City driver? Was that part of your license test at all?

nycrouge said...

Ah but the ironic thing is that New Yorkers don't drive-- they walk, take the subway, or hail a cab. Why did I get a license then seeing how I sold my car? Well I really love driving and I'll need it on the off chance I rent a car or if I borrow the parents' car when visiting MD.