Thursday, December 02, 2004

"Don't make me blow you off some more . . . "

Why doesn't Duane Reade stock tonic water?

I mean they carry all the other essentials in case of emergency: band-aids, condoms, lip stick, paper towels . . . but no tonic water. And I needed a gin and tonic.

On Monday my ex-girlfriend, whom I haven't spoken to in nearly four years and for good reason, decides to make a cameo in my fresh new New York life. Email no. 1 (oh yes, there were multiples) wished me luck with my new job in the Big Apple. Email no. 2 and 3 follow in rather quick succession where by the end of her missives, she is already chastizing me for not writing back and saying how she "fantasizes" about us being friends again.

Chirst on a bike!

Which brings me back to the tonic issue. Since Duane Reade was not about to facilitate my need for a gin and tonic, but would easily provide an avenue for protected sex (see the condoms by the pharmacy), it was all up to Brooklyn's Natural Organic Grocery to save the day.

Tonic water was bought, quantities of gin consumed, and I put off for another day the inevitable email that I will need to send telling her to stop fucking with my fresh start.

End rant.

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GirlSkups said...

In a pinch you can mix ANYTHING with mountain dew...