Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Spread happiness -- this tiny symbolic semantical grain of happiness."

I've been reflecting a lot on Life and Relationships as the great wheel of life transition from one era to another. Yeah, big "L" life, big "R" relationships. An anonymous reader from Belgium has equated this to whining, but I see it more as being sentimental and contemplative with a good ol' dash of kvetching. Oh yeah, and I'm apparently not funny anymore. What are you going to do? My apologies, Belgium. Life isn't always funny. And as the world teeters on the abyss, I dare say I'm not the only one taking the time to be contemplative. (Tip of the hat to Keith Olbermann for making what the British call a cracking good speech against Proposition 8.)

And before you think I'm getting too serious on you all, LOOK! PUPPIES!! A LIVE PUPPY WEBCAM!!!


MLC said...

These dogs are usually nasty little fu@#$!! when they grow up if that makes you feel better, funnier and more sarcastic.

Oh ironies and they start out so cute.


Surimi said...

But it did work!