Tuesday, September 13, 2005

"You work that angle."

"Assuming you will have a child in the future, what one attribute or personality characteristic or natural ability would you like to secure for that child (assuming the magic Baby Genie [not to be confused with the Diaper Genie] gives you One Wish). Also, the attribute can not be exemption from a specific disease/disability."

Why is this webring assignment so difficult? Is it because I've never really been gung ho about having children? It it because I'm gay and getting pregnant is never going to happen unless I suddenly start liking dick or pay thousands of dollars to get inseminated? Let's explore the hypothetical for the sake of answering the webring topic.

I suppose I would want my child to have an appreciation of art and culture. I couldn't bare having a philistine for a child or one that was so picky about food. I would want them to be talented, ambitious, headstrong, and compassionate -- all qualities I value.

Pretty weak answer, but there you go.

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