Friday, September 02, 2005

"We're on a road to nowhere."

You know those days when you feel unusually conspicuous? As if everyone is staring at you because you're fly is down or there's an embarrassing spot on your jeans? Anyway, that's how I felt this morning. Hello, paranoia.

I've been kind of lax in my blog writing of late and surely all of my four readers must be clamoring for my latest update. Well it's the start of the Labor Day weekend and tomorrow I'm going to take the Chinatown bus down to to Philadelphia for a day trip with Holly -- or at least that's the plan. What's the worst that can happen? I get stranded in Philly? Bus catches on fire? I get stranded in Jersey? Such a crap shoot this Chinatown bus, but what should I expect for $20 round trip? We all have to try the Chinatown bus once, right?

So not much has been going on. I've been working hard on J-Wo's web site all week (which hopefully she'll be unveiling soon via her blog), opened a savings account, and toyed with the idea of visiting DC in late September. I could go on, but why bore you all with the banal details of my life?


Anonymous said...

I have seen the website and it is BEAUTIFUL!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy the banal details of my life.

And yes, I know the "unusually conspicuous" feeling well. -M